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In October of 2022, Nobis, breathe.ent and Chinese Canadian filmmaker, Yú, travelled to the Canyons of Patagonia to work on a short film, 'Liberté, Égalité, Sagacité'.

Co-produced by Argentina’s Mamá Húngara, and in collaboration with artist & creative director Pierre Kwenders, the film boasts a diverse and uniquely fashion-forward cast and crew dedicated to independent filmmaking.

Technical outerwear and accessories have become a fixture on film and photo sets around the world. Their functionality and protective qualities make them essential to any Location Equipment Supply Kit.

Crew and cast – assembled between Toronto, Montreal, and Buenos Aires – utilized Nobis’ parkas, shell jackets, vests, and accessories designed to withstand the unexpected, and extreme weather conditions while creating this film

Yú, Pierre, and crew embraced the elements while in pursuit of creative excellence, highlighting the close connection between specialized outerwear and professional filmmaking.

Special thank you to our friends at breathe.ent, Yú, Pierre Kwenders, and the many teams that it took to bring this project to life. ‘Liberté, Égalité, Sagacité’ will be releasing in the Fall of 2023.